Certificate Course on SBCC, 6- 7 June 2017, Jaipur
Twenty-eight development practitioners from organisations spread across Rajasthan from Barmer, Bikaner, Basnwara, Tonk, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Sikar, Kota, Baran, Sirohi, Pali and Sawai Madhopur, and Delhi participated in the training. The participants were from CARE India, Samantar, Vishakha, CULP (Centre for Unfolding Learning Potentials), R K Santhan, Centre for MicroFinance (Tata Trust), ACF-Fight Hunger Foundation, FINISH Society, Urmul Setu Sansthan, Unnayan Samiti and Vani Sanstha and few individual consultants.

The participants enriched the sessions with grassroots level experience in varied fields including child protection, nutrition and food security, gender and violence, highlighting communication barriers and relating it to the session content including behaviour change communication (BCC) process, socio-ecological model (SEM), and inter-personnel communication (IPC).

The two day course was conducted by SBCC lead trainers Vijay Parashar and Pravin Ramteke.

Participant feedback

The socio-ecological model session was good. The way it was explained was brilliant and the doll technique made it easily understandable and clear.
Mohamad Sadiq, CULP (Center for Unfolding Learning Potentials)

Through the GATHER technique we came to realise various aspects of IPC. Although we use all this on the field, the way it was presented was new and educative
Kumari Kavita, Centre for MicroFinance.

The village mapping exercise to identify communication barriers was very useful and it enabled us to do situation analysis and understand the barriers better
Surendra Gautam, Unnayan Samiti.

I work with children. The session on IPC has really shown me how to ensure that the child open up and share their thought and problems frankly with us. I will use this technique
Uma Parashar, Child Helpline, Samantar Sansthan.