What is the SBCC E-hub?
The SBCC E-hub provides training materials as well as comprehensive information and knowledge on SBCC. It assists users in being trained through e-module certified courses, network and explore the world of SBCC. Visit the resources page>>
How will SBCC be useful for me?
If you are from any of the following:
  • Government ministry and department
  • Non-government organisation
  • CSR wing of a corporate
  • UN and Development agencies
  • Teachers & students
Or if you are a freelance trainer and development practitioner, then you can gain access and use online courses, training materials/resources present in the hub as well as plan offline training using the trainers’ pool/resources available in the hub.
How can I get certified training?
The E-hub team is in the process of creating e-modules based on SBCC which will be online soon. These modules will be certified by UNICEF and New Concept Information Systems. In the meantime, anyone interested in conventional training for self and/or for your team on SBCC and to know more please contact us>>
I work in a specific sector, will SBCC be useful for me?
SBCC can be used across various thematic areas like health, nutrition, child protection, education, WASH and many others and will be useful for you in whichever sector you work in.
How do I stay up to date on the happenings in the E-hub?
You can subscribe to our e-newsletter to know more and stay updated on the SBCC E-hub activities and announcements. Click here to view the latest E-newsletter.